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Electric Power steering for vintage cars and Yougtimers

Why buy a power steering kit for your car?

Find comfort, ease and driving pleasure on your classic car. Many owners of old and youngtimer cars complain that the steering is too heavy and impairs driving pleasure. Our power steering kits are mounted without touching your steering column (no cutting or welding).

All our power steering kits are tailor-made for each vehicle and have European homologation. The assist force is fully adjustable and speed dependent. For fitting only, the original mounting points will be used, there is no drilling or welding to be done, so your car can always be restored to original condition.

Why buy a power steering kit for your car?

We are official resellers of EZ Electric Power Steering wich is the worldwide leader in the sales and production of electric power steering kits for classic cars.

For over 15 years they have been producing complete power steering kits that in most cases completely replace the original steering column. This respect for originality allows the owner to be able to bring the classic car back to its original state if ever required.

The units are produced by trained technicians in the factory in the Netherlands and are usually installed out of sight under the dashboard. The power steering provides comfortable steering at low speeds without the steering becoming too light at higher speeds.

EZ Power Steering has been certified by the German TÜV for the design, sales and production of Power Steering systems for classic cars. This is a guarantee for a safe and durable product. EZ Power Steering customers include Jaguar/ Land Rover Classic, Donkervoort Automobiles, Aston Martin Heritage and some of the most famous classic restoration companies in the world.

Over 3000 power steering units are produced per year and they keep expanding further. Upgrade your classic car with an EZ Power Steering system and enjoy driving it again!